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Grues and Dark Places

Lästid: < 1 minut

Here is the complete slide deck for my opening keynote at WIAD 14 Bristol. It’s […]

World IA Day

Lästid: 2-4 minuter

I’m writing this en route to Bristol, UK, to World IA Day and to some […]

Digital naives

Lästid: 6-10 minuter

Recent european statistics place the average European citizen online for some 25.9 hours per week. […]

To index or not to index

Lästid: 4-6 minuter

This past week Italy made the evening news again thanks to its controversial so-called “webtax”. […]

Architect and architecture

Lästid: 6-10 minuter

Chances are you are not from Jönköping. You might not know where that is or, […]

Borderline behavior

Lästid: 4-7 minuter

As an Italian living in Sweden, one of the things I’m acutely aware of is […]

On being smart

Lästid: 3-4 minuter

”Everything that can be connected will be connected”. This meme has been around for a […]