CeFEO - Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership

CeFEO is No. 1 in Europe and 3rd in the world in the field of family business research (Debicki et al., 2009; Matherne et al., 2013), producing academic research, commissioned research, practitioner-oriented books, as well as seminars and training courses for practitioners across Sweden.

Inlägg av CeFEO - Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership:

Fail but try again?

What leads Swedish failed owners to reenter entrepreneurship? We investigate this question by observing how […]

Lästid: 2-4 minuter

Att sälja eller professionalisera?

BUBS – Extern ledning och styrelseordförande i familjeföretaget. Referat från seminarium för näringslivet av forskningscentretCeFEO/JIBS […]

Lästid: 4-7 minuter