• Crystal Abidin presents research about young children in viral social media videos and their crossover into the television industry

    MMTC Postdoctoral Fellow Crystal Abidin, together with Associate Professor Tama Leaver from Curtin University (Australia), presented their research at the Digitizing Early Childhood International Conference 2017 hosted by Edith Cowan University (Australia). The title of their paper is “From YouTube to TV, and Back Again: Viral Video Child Stars and Media Flows in the Era of Social Media”.
  • Crystal Abidin’s research about Chinese photo-editing app MeituXiuxiu quoted by media

    The research of Crystal Abidin, Postdoctoral Fellow at MMTC, that tracked the user flows of a Chinese photo-editing app known as MeituXiuxiu in Asia and the U.S., was quoted by a number of Chinese and American media outlets and online portals. As a sociocultural anthropologist who studies vernacular Internet culture, Crystal explains that the popularity of MeituXiuxiu represents inter-cultural diffusive flows, and its viral spread and uptake in Anglophone contexts has resulted in the emergence of exotic franca, intercultural dialogues between users, and media stereotypes.