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JIBS is recruiting four (4) Assistant Professors in Business Administration

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JIBS is recruiting four (4) Assistant Professors in Business Administration with one or a combination of the following specializations:

  • Strategy
  • Organization
  • Innovation
  • Leadership and HRM

Please describe your profile in relation to these specializations both in terms of contemporary research topics and teaching experience in the cover letter. The positions comprise education activities, research, and service to JIBS. Teaching is performed primarily in English and distributed over the academic year.


To be eligible for a position as an assistant professor at JIBS you must have been awarded a doctor’s degree in a, for the position relevant area and have prior teaching experience in higher education.

All assistant professors at JIBS are expected to do rigorous and relevant research, apply for externally funded research grants, as well as be engaged with business and society at large, to improve JIBS impact in the broader society. The holder of the position must be able to position his/her present or aspired research orientation within JIBS focus areas. You are expected to outline in the cover letter how you align with the focus areas of JIBS: entrepreneurship, ownership, and renewal, and indicate how you will engage in one (or more) of the three research centres (i.e., CeFEO, CEnSE, and MMTC). You also need to demonstrate your ability to perform high-quality research and teaching. We expect you to be fluent in English and prefer applicants to have a strong international profile.