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  • Meet the researcher: Anna-Lena Godhe

    Anna-Lena Godhe is a professor of pedagogy. Her research focuses on, among other things, the digitalization of classrooms and how students and teachers use various types of digital tools.
  • Meet the Researcher: Lena Rosenberg

    Lena Rosenberg is Professor in occupational therapy and head of dicipline for occupational therapy at JU. Her research explores the intersections and intricacies of everyday life and care in older people’s lives, specifically focusing on place, everyday life, and care practices.
  • Many vulnerable children are not detected by society

    A new doctoral thesis from the School of Health and Welfare at Jönköping University reveals that many children suffering abuse are not detected by social child welfare services. Although Sweden and many other countries have committed to protecting children through the Convention on the Rights of the Child, research shows that the system has major shortcomings.