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Annette Nygårdh have a PhD in Nursing and her research is mainly focused on co-produced person-centered care. The purpose of the research is to improve health care from the patient’s and next of kin´s perspective. Important for Annette is the clinical usability of research and hence the driving force. Furthermore, Annette’s research designs e.g. interactive research and co-design, emphasize that interventions should be clinically relevant and based on a bottom-up perspective e.g. the intervention should be developed and implemented in collaboration with the professionals, patients and next of kins. 

Most of Annette’s research projects are performed in collaboration with health care professionals in health care organizations. One project was a co-design project involving the patients, next of kins, and health care professionals’ perspective to develop a WEB-based intervention. The second project was an inter-professional collaboration to explore barriers and facilitators related to the implementation process of an Internet-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy program in cardiac care. The third project was in line with the intervention developed in my PhD study where one of the contents in the intervention was about learning activities for persons with chronic kidney disease. This project was about learning activities for persons with long-term disease to increase the patients’ experiences of empowerment and shared decision making. The fourth project was an international project with the aim of mapping the core competencies in nursing education. Currently, Annette’s research focus is on Women with lipoedema and their health and health related quality of life and their experiences of health care.


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