The University Library is Jönköping University's joint information resource for higher studies and scientific research. The mission of the University Library is to facilitate academic learning and strengthen the quality and dissemination of Jönköping University’s research. The library collaborates closely with students, teachers, researchers, and various departments within JU.

The library's responsibilities include:

  • Providing access to scholarly information resources tailored to JU’s education and research.
  • Offering a diverse and stimulating learning environment as a workspace for students.
  • Assisting with guidance on information retrieval and the use of library resources.
  • Teaching search techniques and information evaluation within an academic context.
  • Supporting the research process through advice on information retrieval, publishing, and research data.
  • Making JU’s research publications accessible and providing publication statistics and bibliometric analyses.
  • Serving as a link in the national transition toward open science.
  • Supporting JU’s educators in their pedagogical competence development through a higher education pedagogical center.

The library is a public institution open to anyone who wishes to use its collections for study and research.

Learn more about how non-students or non-employees of Jönköping University can utilize the library.