If you are a student on a distance course or a localized program at Jönköping University, you can take part in the library's service adapted for you. You can access electronic material on the library's website and then log in with your JU account.

If you want to borrow printed books, you can have them sent home. Then you need to apply to become a distance borrower.


Eva Evertsson


+46 36-10 10 16

Anngerd Thorell Johansson


+46 36-10 10 31

Access electronic material from the library

Primo is the library's search service. In Primo, you will find everything that the library has access to, such as electronic journal articles. Once you have found the electronic material you want to access, click on one of the links that belong to the material. You will then be asked to log in with your JU account.

Borrow printed books

If you are registered as a distance student at JU and live outside area code 036, we can send printed books to your home address. You must first apply to become a distance borrower at the library:

To order, you first search for the book in Primo. Click on the title and select Login. Now you can click on Request. We send the book to your home free of charge.

You are responsible for returns (including postage) to the library. Send the book so that it is returned no later than the return date. Distance students have four extra days of loan time for the postal service, which are included in the loan period. The book is sent to:

Box 1001
551 11 Jönköping

Note! Books in the course book collection have a shorter loan period and are not sent home.


Books are automatically renewed if there are no other requests for the book. Renewals can also be made when you login to My account

See your loans

Login to My account to see your loans and reservations.

Change address

Your address is automatically synchronized with Ladok. In order to change the address, use Ladok's web services.

Article copies from the University Library

As a distance student at Jönköping University, you can order copies of articles from print journals available at the University Library by using the form below. The copies are sent to your home address free of charge. We can only send article copies to students who live in Sweden.

Interlibrary loans for distance students

Literature that is not available at the University Library in Jönköping can be ordered as an interlibrary loan from other libraries in Sweden free of charge.

The delivery time for an interlibrary loan varies, but is normally around one week. The loan period and other terms are determined by the lending library.

We send borrowed material to your home address. A receipt is included and you confirm by e-mail that you have received the book. You are responsible for the return to the University Library. Article copies are yours to keep.