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About the library

The library is a meeting place for students, teachers and researchers at the university. It offers a variety of study areas, group rooms, and computer access. If you need help finding a particular book or have questions, you can always turn to the information desk.

As you enter the library's main entrance, you will find the lounge area in front of you, with armchairs and sofas where you can relax and read newspapers or journals. On the left side of the entrance, you will find JMW-salen, which provides study spaces in a livelier environment. The hall is sometimes used for events and lectures. Caffè Dallucci, adjacent to JMW-salen, offers coffee and light lunches.

The library has three floors, each containing books, study spaces and search computers. The information desk is located on floor 1 near the entrance, where you also find the self-checkout stations and computers.

A person sitting and studying alone at a round table in the library. Bookshelves and a potted palm tree separates the study area from the surroundings.

Study seats

The library offers many study seats of various kinds. You can find individual desk spaces at the beginning and end of each floor, and between the shelves, there are group workspaces as well as comfortable sofas and swivel armchairs. Additionally, along the high windows on floor 1, you will find seats all the way.

If you want to work in a group and have forgotten to book a group room, you can either sit in JMW-salen on floor 1 or check if the library's lecture room C2003 in the group room corridor on floor 2 is available.

A shelf end with a sign showing the shelf numbers for the shelf. The image is taken through a plant that is partially out of focus but frames the picture.

Find the books

The University Library mostly has books related to the research and education that goes on at JU. There are also departments for fiction and children's literature.

The books are placed according to a number system. You search for the book's location in Primo and the signs with even hundreds help you navigate among the shelves.

Course books with a shorter loan period have yellow labels and can be found on the shelves next to the information desk. Research methodology books have green labels and can be found along the blue wall on floor 1.

A red sign hanging on the side of a shelf with the text "Silent zone"

Sound zones

The library is divided into different sound zones to ensure a productive study environment for everyone. The busiest zones are JMW-salen and the area near the information desk on floor 1.

If you prefer a quieter space, you can move further into the library where you will find the whispering zones. If you prefer as little noise as possible, it is best to sit at the far end of the library in the silent zone.

Signs are posted on all three floors to remind you of the appropriate sound levels for your study area.

Map of the three floors of the library

The map is interactive. If you use a computer, you can zoom in and out using the scroll wheel on the mouse. If you use a phone, you can pinch with your fingers instead.

The library has plenty of group rooms to book for JU students. The group rooms are located in the corridors on floor 2 and floor 3 and are best booked with the JU app. The bookable times are between 8 and 20. Outside these hours, the rooms are available for use without booking. You always access the rooms with your JU card.

Read more about the group rooms and how they are equipped.

Room numbers on campus

All room numbers on campus are structured in the same way, where the building, floor and room number together form the room number. The library is building C.

Illustration over the building blocks of a room number on campus with the example room C2015. The first letter, C,  stands for the building. The first number, 2, is the floor number and the remaining 3 digits is the room number, in this case 15.

Computers in the library

On floor 1 there are 16 computer workstations. No booking is needed.

Computer room

In the group room corridor on floor 3, there is a computer room with nine computer workstations. No booking is needed, you have access to the hall with your JU card. Please note that you are not allowed to eat or drink in the computer room.


There is no free Wi-Fi for visitors on campus. Eduroam is the wireless network available for students and staff. More information on the IT Helpdesk website.


Printers are available on the first floor of the library, as well as in the group room corridors on floors 2 and 3. To print, you will need to add funds to your printing account. You can log in to the printers by using your JU card. If you need help getting started with printing, you can find more information on the IT Helpdesk pages.

In the group room corridor on floor 2, you will find the silent reading room of the library. This room provides screened workplaces to allow you to study in peace and quiet.

You can access the room with your JU card.

A room with several tables displayed with screens that separate the tables from each other. The room’s floor is covered with an orange wall-to-wall carpet, and large windows are visible to the right in the picture.

You are allowed to eat in JMW-salen and the group rooms. Only drinks are allowed in the rest of the library.

A multi-faith room for prayer and meditation is located at the far end of floor 3, open to all.

The library has three lecture rooms with various types of equipment. The rooms are primarily used for the library's teaching of students and doctoral students, as well as for Educate's courses. They can also be booked by school staff through the scheduling team.

When the room is not in use for teaching, it is open as a study space for students from 8:00 to 16:30. No booking is required; access is granted with a JU card.

Read more about the library's lecture rooms and how they are equipped.

Images from the library

Photos: Patrik Svedberg

The history of the building

The large foundry hall, which today houses parts of the University Library, was designed by architect Magnus Steendorff for the industrial company JMW, Jönköpings Mekaniska Werkstad. The building was constructed in 1914 and served as an industrial space until the 1990s.

The library opened its doors on August 11, 1997. At that time, a new three-story building was integrated with the old foundry building on the eastern side. Many details from the industrial era are still present in the foundry building, such as the crane system and the tall windows with cast iron frames.