• The fiction section temporarily closed

    The renovation of the fiction section on floor 2 will soon begin. The work will continue for a couple of weeks. At the same time, the renovation begins in the quiet reading room on floor 2.
  • The children's books area temporarily closed

    The renovation work will continue to the children's book area on floor 3 of the library. The area will be completely closed for a couple of weeks. The doors between the group room corridor on floor 3 and the library will also be closed.
  • Welcome to the library Zoom drop-in!

    Have the questions about search terms, databases and references piled up over the Easter weekend? Don't worry, the library's Zoom drop-in is back after the Easter break. Take the opportunity to ask your questions on Tuesdays 14:00–15:00 and Fridays 11:00–12:00.Link to our Zoom drop-inWelcome!
  • Changed opening hours during Easter

    The library will close at 14:00 on Maundy Thursday and is closed the whole Easter weekend. Welcome back on Tuesday 19 April.The library drop-in Zoom in on your assignment will take an Easter break and will also be back again on Tuesday 19 April.Happy Easter!
  • Doctoral Do's and Don'ts: How to get help with your research data

    Doctoral Do's and Don'ts is a series of mini-lectures, where the library's team for research support share useful tips for doctoral students.