• The information desk in its proper place

    After a short period of temporary placements, our information desk can now be found in its new permanent location. It is now placed a little bit further into the library, near the stairs.
  • The University Library's access to SIS standards

    Standards are often described as common solutions to recurring problems. They are developed and used in most areas of society. Via the University Library, you have access to a wide range of standards and you can also submit requests for new ones.
  • Fiction area open again

    On Tuesday 17 May, the fiction department on floor 2 will reopen after the renovation. You will now be able to use the doors between the library and the group room corridor again.
  • New information desk in the library

    In a few weeks, we can look forward to a new information desk at a new location in the library. Until then, you will be able to ask us questions in a couple of different places, initially in Caffè Dallucci.
  • Welcome to the last book club of the semester!

    We end the semester with the historical novel The Book of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel. The book is based on a true story and revolves around a young woman who helps Jewish children escape from the Nazis during World War II.
  • The children's books area is open again

    The renovation of the children's book department on floor 3 is complete and you are welcome to find and borrow books again. The study seats will be back soon.
  • Doctoral Do's and Don'ts: How to explore your subject in Scopus

    Doctoral Do's and Don'ts is a series of mini-lectures, where the library's team for research support share useful tips for doctoral students.