Innovating Automation at Husqvarna with Accessible, High-Impact Solutions


Ghazaleh Azizpour, the Technology Innovation Lead at Husqvarna Group and an adjunct researcher at JTH, is focusing on a new wave of automation in manufacturing. At public forums like the Svenskt Monteringsforum in Stockholm and Spark Day at Jönköping University, she shared Husqvarna’s journey towards integrating flexible automation and AI into their production lines.

From Historical Craftsmanship to Modern Innovation

Founded in 1689 in Sweden, Husqvarna has transitioned from a traditional weapons manufacturer to a global leader in outdoor power products, such as lawn mowers, irrigation systems, and chainsaws. Today, Husqvarna combines centuries of expertise with cutting-edge technology in its manufacturing processes.

The APS Approach: Making Advanced Automation Accessible

In a move to make high-tech automation accessible to more businesses, Husqvarna has implemented the "Automation Package Solution" (APS) in its factories. The APS is designed to be a cost-effective and flexible automation solution that doesn't compromise on power. It includes a thorough analysis, the use of digital twins for simulation, and extensive pilot testing, ensuring that any business can adopt this technology without incurring high costs. The focus is on creating adaptable, efficient, and safe manufacturing environments, making it a perfect fit for regional companies looking to innovate without a hefty price tag.

Overcoming Industry Challenges

Husqvarna has embarked on a journey to address the costly and complex vision systems traditionally used in quality control. In collaboration with Jönköping University, they are now developing more affordable and adaptable vision systems to enhance quality inspections along the production line. By leveraging advanced AI technologies, such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), for defect detection and assembly management, Husqvarna demonstrates that AI tools can be both accessible and transformative, promising significant advancements in manufacturing efficiency and accuracy.

Looking Ahead: Sustainable and Smart Manufacturing

With support from Vinnova and a strong partnership with JTH, Husqvarna is not only advancing its own capabilities but also setting a benchmark for the industry. Their projects focus on developing end-to-end AI solutions for quality control that are adaptable to different settings and product designs. Using technologies like large language models, zero-shot learning, and synthetic data generation, Husqvarna is leading the way in smart manufacturing, aiming to boost AI adoption across Swedish industries.


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